Nothing says "fine art" like an advertisement! This was proven by the old masters (Including Bartles, James, and Clara from the "Where's the Beef?" commercials, of course). Rock posters may not rise to this level of sophistication but they are about as close as we are going to get in this modern era.

The Frequency
Madison, Wisconsin
Other Bands on the Bill I, Crime Butte

This was day #2 of our whirlwind tour of Wisconsin. A great show that featured a virtual drummer, via DVD, for Butte and guest vocal from I, Crime on one of our songs.

The Iron Post
Urbana, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill Triple Whip Ryan Groff

Iron Post PosterThe reconfigured 2-piece Triple Whip was kind enough to invinte us to play again in Champaign/Urbana. Click the thumbnail of the flyer for a closer view.

There was video taken of this entire show. I will post it as soon as I get full band approval. -Robert