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Saki w/ Blackout Dates and Cover Story

Date of Show: 
Saturday, August 4, 2012
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

We played a Saki record store on Fullerton Ave. in Chicago. Opening was Cover Story-a band comprised if 12 year olds. Next was Blackout Dates celebrating the release of their new LP. Finally us doing what we do. There was cake and yummy homebrew beer too!

Cover Story

Cover Story

Blackout Dates

Blackout Dates

PRF BBQ 2012 - Chicago

A huge weekend of shows from many of the bands that participate at the Electrical Audio Forums (PRF). We will be closing out Saturday night along with Fake Limbs with a special sleeptytime slumber party. Last we heard this evening was sold-out!

John in his P.J.'s

Robert at the bbq

More photos by Gonzo Chicago.

Slumber Kerfuffle

As part of our take-away gift to the attendees, they guys from Fake Limbs commissioned this comic by Paul Hornschemeier. It details an evening of violent dreams in which Nonagon and Fake Limbs battle for dominance over dreamland.

Slumber Kerfuffle

More info about the festival here

Township w/ Mastro & Phantom Works

Date of Show: 
Friday, April 6, 2012
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

We’ve already bugged you once this week so we’re going to keep the calculus short and sweet:

1) You like rock music
2) You are willing to leave your house once and a while to experience it
3) We are playing with 2 AMAZING bands this FRIDAY

Add it up, chum!

Taking the stage first,


This will be their first show in Chicago and we are insanely excited to see them. They are comprised of 4 insanely talented rock-folk. Get in on the ground floor. Srsly.


Phantom Works

We’ve been fans of these guys for a long time now. Their new LP and previous 7”s are on high rotation here at Camp Nonagon. We were honored to be invited to play with them.


That’s us... Hi!

TOWNSHIP (previously known as “Pancho’s)
2200 N. California. Chicago.

doors 9… music sometime after that.

21+, 7 bucks or so.

People Live Everywhere

Nonagon - People Live Everywhere

People Live Everywhere was recorded over 3 days in the Spring of 2011 by Justin Foley at Kerguelen Studio in Astoria, NY. Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Bob Weston. Jacket designed by Robert Gomez using photos by Nathan Keay. Packaged with a code for free MP3 download.

The critics agree: "Chicago remains still in the line of gazes at, a clear cash register that slams fire of god..." -SKX, Perte et Fracas (I think our French is a tad rusty)

Panchos w/ Fake Limbs, Withnail & Transmontane

Date of Show: 
Saturday, November 19, 2011
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

Poster by Ryan Duggan

Here's the e-mail annoucement:

I know that this schizophrenic weather is messing with your biological imperatives, but it we assure you that hibernation season is not yet here.
You still have a couple of days to forage for berries, bury your nuts (that’s NOT a euphemism so get your head out of your pants), and throw a hump at a bear of your preferred gender-identity.
Also on that checklist: see one, last, GOOD rock show before the cold weather settles in.
Look, exposing yourself to the right music before hibernating is an important task. Imagine a 3-month-long dream with the wrong song on some accidental loop for the soundtrack.
What’s one way to guarantee it’s not “Livin’ on a Prayer?” Come out and see four different, wholly original acts with the ability to surprise, confound, delight, and destroy.
The details:
NONAGON (“headlining” and debuting a NEW SONG)
FAKE LIMBS (bringing the heave-and-throb)
WITHNAIL (inventive noise-pop from Champaign)
TRANSMONTANE (kicking things off with heartfelt meanderings)
(2200 N. California. Chicago)
9pm. Cheap.
Come! Send yourself to sleep with style!
As usual, if you would like to be removed from this email list simply reply to this missive with “I DON’T NEED YOUR FRACTURED ‘LULLABIES’ IN MY HEAD UNTIL SPRING!” … or something a little less provocative. Don’t think we’re not prepared to sit outside your cave for the next few months with Waco-style loudspeakers blasting Jennifer Black, Ke$ha, and the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration.

Bike Fall 2011

Date of Show: 
Saturday, October 8, 2011
The Hideout
Chicago, Illinois

Autumn is fast upon us and cold weather scares folks off of their bikes like a leaf off a tree, but don't be scared Chicago riders! West Town Bikes is throwing you a party to keep you toasty warm and riding in the cold months ahead.

We teamed up with our pals at Big Shoulders Realty, Chicago Velo, the Hideout, and New Belgium Brewing to bring you BIKE FALL, an all day party at the Hideout (1351 W. Wabansia) on Sat. Oct 8th. This bacchanal of a bicycling bash features so much stuff all we can do is give you a run down.

11 am - We start with a family friendly parade to the Hideout itself to get things rolling. Stay tuned to West Town's website and FB page to get updates on the starting point

12-6pm Hang out on the Hideout's patio and watch the fun happening in the street!

  • West Town's Bike Club Fixed-Gear Free Style Competition and BMX Demo
  • Ciclo Urbano's Mechanic Challenge bicycle mechanics competition
  • Performances by the Racketeers bicycle dance troupe
  • Chicago history bicycle tours beginning and ending at Bike Fall
  • Live music on the patio, food trucks, and more!

After 6pm the party goes 21+ and moves inside with music from:

and late night sets starting at 11 PM DJ Billy Ocean and DJ the Jimmer

We aren't charging for the events outside but will be asking a 20 dollar donation at the door when the party moves in doors. All proceeds go to support West Town Bikes in our mission of empowering Chicago's under served youth with independent transportation, job skills, and opportunity.


Facebook Event