Nonagon is a three-piece punk rock band that was formed in the early oughts and practices in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Tell me more...


Okay, so I think I jumped the gun when I titled this page "Stickers." One day we will live up to that plural "s," until then:

Nonagon - Nerds of Prey

This is our one and only official band sticker (designed by Grumpy of Sweet Cobra and The Party Downers)!

PRF BBQ: Winter Cauldron Series 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011
Quenchers Saloon
Chicago, Illinois

The PRF, Kitchen Sink Cafe & Metropolis Coffee present a winter benefit for Pierce Elementary School. Rock music, The World famous Hype Live Band Karaoke Experience, Delicious and ample cauldron based food and home brewed booze, Auctions, Raffles, Film, Fun and winter frolic. More details as they arise. This is gonna be a classy banger, folks, trust us.

Senior executive branch of Nonagon, Inc.

John and Tony: The senior executive branch of Nonagon, Inc.

New Website Design

Hey look, our Web site has a fancy new skin! Last night I decided I was bored with the dark blue and decided to lighten things up a bit. This is a bit of a work-in-progress, so expect more changes in the immediate future (and a few site crashes too).

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival

Sunday, July 25, 2010
Milwaukee Ave. Arts Festival South Stage
Chicago, Illinois

Columns! Columns! Columns!

We will be playing on an outdoor festival stage for the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival at around 5:30pm on Sunday, July 25th. ALL AGES!!!! Bring the kids!
2600 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL 60647.


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