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Hey, if you were one of the handful of people who signed up for our mailing list at the PRF BBQ last week, we lost our sign-up sheet! If you really meant it and weren't just blindly scrawling your e-mail address in a drunken rage, please send us a note via the "Contact/Booking" link above and let us know you want to be added to the list.

Quenchers w/ United Sons of Toil and Oro

Date of Show: 
Thursday, June 24, 2010
Quenchers Saloon
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

Poster by Jay Ryan

Oh dear God, the colors! The colors! Hey Everybody... Look... We’re in a rush tonight because LeRoy Neiman is painting our next band portrait and we need to go put on various sports jerseys and make ourselves blurry before we head over to his grotto.

I know he seems like an odd choice but Robert is hoping to get some time alone for a long conversation with his mustache.

SO: Just the facts this time around...

We are playing a Thursday night show with friends and kindred souls next week... and at one of our favorite venues.

NONAGON - Working off a bunch of recently gained BBQ-weight from last weekend... playing third

UNITED SONS OF TOIL- Angry socialist post-punks from Madison with a nice “Dischordy” vibe playing in the sweet spot... We’ve played with them a couple of times now and we’re big fans.

ORO - Ex members of Quatre Tete opening the evening with their first show EVER... They are disgustingly talented so I’m sure it will seem like they’ve been playing out for years.

Come on out. See the bands. Say “hi” to friends. Sample the bar’s legendary beer list, swell staff, and tot-laden vittles!

Electrical Audio BBQ

An underground music festival based around the members of the Electrical Audio music Internet forums. Here are some crappy cameraphone photos:

PRF Festival
Tony posting some "LOLZ" outside the T.H.Ink back door.

Blood Sucking Fiends
Blood Sucking Fiends played first. The guitarist was noodling around with a little Jesus Christ Superstar before they played, so I was hopeful we might get a little Lloyd/Webber action in their set, but, alas, I was denied.

Death Dream
Death Dream played just before us and the crowd began to grow during their set. Abrasive punk with a Yow-ish singer.

We played next and managed to get through our set without any problems. Soon afterwards we packed up and made room for the next bands. Tony and I left for quiet evenings with our families while John, the rock ambassador of Nonagon and all-around nice guy, rode back to represent for the rest of the day (he's probably on his bike heading for day 4 of the festival as I type this).

The Frequency w/ The United Sons of Toil, Knife the Symphony and Squarewave

Date of Show: 
Thursday, May 13, 2010
The Frequency
Madison, Wisconsin

Poster by Unknown


The Frequency Madison Marquee

The Frequency's marquee. A fine place to play music and located next door to the one of Robert's favorite Madison eating establishments, The Tornado Room.


Squarewave played well-structured and thoughtful songs and had some of the most guitar effect pedals I have ever seen assembled in one place.

Knife the Symphony

Knife the Symphony managed to play a great set despite being turned away at the gates of The House on the Rock.

United Sons of Toil

United Sons of Toil blasted through their set and were cut short around 1:30am by the bar. We'll be playing with them in Chicago in June and we'll make sure they don't get short changed.

Crunchy Frog in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Date of Show: 
Saturday, January 30, 2010
Crunchy Frog
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Well, this was an interesting evening. We apologize  to the good people of Green Bay who braved the cold expecting an enjoyable night of pleasant music only to find us stuck in the mix. We were put on this bill at the last minute with the kind help of Jim, whose floor we ended up sleeping on later that night.

Crunchy Frog sign

Crunchy Frog was a night little bar on a strip in Green Bay filled with typical Wisconsin style taverns. From what we were told, this is perhaps the only bar in Green Bay where you can see live underground-type bands.

$10 all you can drink

This was amazing. $10 all-you-can drink specials on Friday nights. Needless to say, this is the key reason why Crunchy Frog does not do live entertainment on Fridays.

Inside Crunchy Frog

Here's Tony setting up his drums.

Ian Olvera Trio

The opening band was The Ian Olvera Trio (they may have changed their name… they definately weren't a trio that night). They played rock music and their set lasted over an hour. After which they proceeded to break down the drum kit on stage. I guess things move a little slower up north.

Paul is our number 1 fan

Paul made a surprise appearance. Thanks Paul! We played our set next (no pictures). Each song ended with complete silence in the room—barely even a smattering of courtesy applause. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

Blackwell Beauties from Madison

Next came Madison, Wisconsin's Blackwell Beauties. They were a self-described power-pop band. I liked that a few of their parents were in attendence. Nonagon is, if nothing else, a family values band!

After Blackwell Beauties Beach Patrol played. We loaded up the van and took off before the end of their set. I know, I know... not cool, but, we were pretty exhausted and needed to wake up very early if we were going to return the rental van without penalty. At least we got to see Jim's awesome vintage bicycle collection before retiring for the evening.