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The Beat Kitchen w/ Self-Evident...

Date of Show: 
Friday, July 10, 2009
The Beat Kitchen
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

We played the Beat Kitchen with Phantom Works (hard, art-rocking, minimalist Chicagoans), Self-Evident (Minneapolitan purveyors of complex guitarcrobatics… SO good!), and Scotia Widows (energetic Chicagoans boasting the algebraic formula: X + All = SW [maybe?]). Lots of photos to look at.


Tony cannot hold back the tears of joy.

Scotia Widows

Scotia Widows were on first. The flyer for this night's show was designed and printed by Gina from the Scotia Widows.


Here's one of the blurry "night mode" digital shots that us bands love so much.


And here's a much more sobering in-focus shot of Nonagon.


A rare live show convergence of Nonagon wives.


Self-evident from Minneapolis.

Phantom Works

Phantom Works ended the evening.

Golden Nugget

Nonagon cannot resist the siren's song of a post-show late night breakfast. That short stack is calling to you, John.

Hot sauce and eggs.

More disturbing breakfast photos band shots are on Flickr.

Nonagon Interviewed in Delusions of Adequacy

We were interviewed by the webzine Delusions of Adequacy a few months ago and it's finally up for you to read.

"Nonagon’s songs have a way of popping, no, better yet, of exploding out of stereo speakers, as if they were bottles of pressurized soda water just itching to be uncapped. On No Sun, their self-released and hand-assembled debut CD, angular guitars tear through the landscape, bass and drums lunge back and forth, and a barked refrain is never far away..."

Read the whole interview.


Phyllis' Musical Inn w/ Ruth Buzzy

Date of Show: 
Saturday, June 7, 2008
Phyllis' Musical Inn
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

Here are a few blurry cameraphone photos from the show:

Jim and Tony. Jim is sporting the newly created band t-shirt we premiered that night.

No wonder not that many people showed up. They feared for their lives.

This was Robert's view of the Ruth Buzzy show. He was covering the door. $5 was apparently too steep for the Wicker Park preppies who popped in (as was $3 later in the evening).

The Ruth Buzzy smoke machine and some drum cases.

A New Web Site!

Welcome to the completely revamped Now you can make your mark by leaving comments and you can subscribe to our RSS feed to stay on top of Nonagon news. If you register yourself on the site you will be able to add rich text formatting to your comments and more!

If you have any suggestions or notice something that isn't working please let us know by sending us an e-mail. Thanks.

The Thrilla in Lake Villa

Date of Show: 
Friday, April 24, 2009
Swing State
Lake Villa, Illinois

This was a really odd show. Two of the four bands didn't even bother to show up (Punk'n and The Oliver Twists in case you are wondering). The place was a really nice all ages hang out, but all the kids just stayed in the parking lot while the music and a screening of the film Puppy went on inside.

John's 40th Birthday Bash

Date of Show: 
Saturday, March 21, 2009
Chicago, Illinois

John was the driving force behind getting this show together. Chrsty brought a yummy cake with a frosting design by Jay.


These pictures were taken by Jim Kamp and are used here completely without any permission:

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Poster by Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine