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The Thrilla in Lake Villa

Date of Show: 
Friday, April 24, 2009
Swing State
Lake Villa, Illinois

This was a really odd show. Two of the four bands didn't even bother to show up (Punk'n and The Oliver Twists in case you are wondering). The place was a really nice all ages hang out, but all the kids just stayed in the parking lot while the music and a screening of the film Puppy went on inside.

John's 40th Birthday Bash

Date of Show: 
Saturday, March 21, 2009
Chicago, Illinois

John was the driving force behind getting this show together. Chrsty brought a yummy cake with a frosting design by Jay.


These pictures were taken by Jim Kamp and are used here completely without any permission:

Press and Promotional Stuff

Poster by Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine

Nonagon CD Release Party!!!!

Date of Show: 
Friday, August 15, 2008
The Beat Kitchen
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

Hey folks this is Nonagon's CD Release party, it's also Racebannon's CD release party and it's also Tony's Birthday. HOLY CRAP! Bring it ONNNN!!!!

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After years of flirting around the edges of “respectable” bandliness we’ve rolled up our shirtsleeves, knuckled-down, (ate some pizza), and put together OUR FIRST RELEASE!

It’s a CD EP called NO SUN that contains 6 songs we recorded in September ‘07.

We’ll be playing songs from the record along with some new stuff,

AND we’ll be opening for two amazing bands…

QUATRE TÊTE- a Chicago trio that plays blistering rock that manages to be catchy while displaying advanced math skills.


RACEBANNON- a blast-furnace of a band from Bloomington, IN that will likely melt some part of your anatomy.