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Bitter Fest 2016

Date of Show: 
Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bitter Fest is a benefit show that Heavy Hand and Evelyn’s bar put together annually to raise money for a worthy cause. Last year we raised a good amount of money for the HOPE Animal Shelter and this year we intend to help fund the Unintimidated: Wisconsin Musicians Against Scott Walker project. The Unintimidated project is a zine/cd/dvd that will be released in 2016 which features roughly 20 bands that wrote and recorded anti-Scott Walker protest songs. The Unintimidated project is also a benefit organization that intends to donate all proceeds to Planned Parenthood and a local food bank for needy families.

Halloween 2015

Date of Show: 
Saturday, October 31, 2015
The Green Lantern
Lexington, Kentucky
Other Bands on the Bill: 

This was a last minute show added to our tour at the last minute (as last minute things are wont to do). This was a nice venue, although not many people showed up. But it was worth it for My Only Organ's death masked organ performance and the Jukebox madness that followed. Ranging from "Gonna Fly Now" to "White Christmas" to the thirty minute version of the theme from The Exorcist.

My Only Organ

Athens, Georgia w/ Motherfucker, KTS & Maximum Busy Muscle

Date of Show: 
Friday, October 30, 2015
The Caledonia Lounge
Athens, Georgia

A Poster!

From the Facebook event:

Exotic mid-west punk! Surprise guests! Mischief Night! 


3-piece Athens punch-in-the-air rock.
Here's them getting killed in a boxing ring:

NONAGON (Controlled Burn)

3-piece Chicago punk.
Here's them rocking the hell out of some pirate pajamas:

KNIFE THE SYMPHONY (Phratry Records)

3-piece Cincinnati punk.
Here's them playing a song about a wooly mammoth:


Double drums Athens metal.
Here's them trying to fit two drum kits on one stage:

*Stick around till the end for a special surprise!

Chapel Hill w/ Maple Stave & KTS

Date of Show: 
Thursday, October 29, 2015
Nightlight Bar & Club
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Other Bands on the Bill: 

From the Facebook event:

Maple Stave: Durham-based, 12 years old, very loud, kinda mathy and shouty. We like playing music. And we like you. New full length album coming early 2016.

Knife the Symphony: Hailing from Cincinnati, "Knife The Symphony has consistently released energetic, abrasive, rhythmic-work garnering comparisons to Hüsker Dü, Drive Like Jehu, Jawbox, and Unwound. The band owes a considerable debt to Dischord, SST and Touch & Go. Bring your earplugs."

Nonagon: From Chicago, "Nonagon is a 3-piece, punk rock concern that formed in 2003 and practices in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. They are the proud purveyors of a loud set of short songs that have unconventional hooks.

Three more things:

1) They have three EPs under their belt (the latest on Controlled Burn Records).
2) They love to play shows but still have no idea how to dress for them.
3) They are big fans of minivans with stow-and-go seats.

So, I think we all agree that earplugs are necessary.