Nonagon Shows

Here you will find a nearly complete record of all of Nonagon's live performances. Many of the individual show reports have images, videos and commentary. If you want to browse through a more condensed version of this list, go to the quick overview page.

The Mutiny w/ The Howlers & Digibot

Date of Show: 
Saturday, November 18, 2006
The Mutiny
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

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The Mutiny's Store Front

The Mutiny, Chicago, Illinois

The Mutiny is a dive and proud of it. They pay the bands in beer... huge pitcher-sized mugs of beer.


Nonagon at the Mutiny

We were the opening band that evening. It was an extremely fun venue to play.


Digibot at the Mutiny

Digibot played improvisational three-chord punk. Chords were determined by spinning the Wheel of Chords. This weekend, up in cheese country, I saw that Digibot was listed as one of the 150 things "we love about Madison" in the local alternative weekly, The Isthmus.

The Dirty Howlers

The Dirty Howlers at The Mutiny

Chicago-based garage rawk. They were pretty insane, as were their fans. The drop-ceiling took a few hits from the boots of the rabel-rousing crowd.

The Promotional Press Release:

We understand:
Your dot-com has crashed.
Your housing bubble has burst.
Your goons are still out collecting.
Your elderly, rich relative won’t just die already.

We, too, have spent long periods of time eating ramen noodles and loitering-for-fun, so we commiserate with your current situation:  You’ve been MEANING to see nonagon (the moniker representing the failed music careers of Tony Aimone, Robert Gomez, and John Hastie) but the $5-$8 covers have proven formidable.

We’ve got good news for folks in your exact predicament…


Here (for memorization before ingestion) are the details:

The Dirty Howlers (home-grown, beer-fueled rawk)
Digibot (improvisational punk rock from Madison)
Nonagon (three nerds from around here someplace)

also know: The Mutiny is regionally famous for serving single-serving beers in ridiculously large containers… Take the bus.

Headlining at The Note

Date of Show: 
Saturday, September 30, 2006
The Note
Chicago, Illinois

Holy cats! We headlined?!? Embedded at the bottom of this post is video of us performing "Call and Response." Thanks Wika! (if there's video on this site, chances are John hates it. Sorry John -Robert)

Here are the other bands on the bill and their bio blurbs:

American Princes - They like lyrics that reach and rhythms that kick and an overall sound that's more than a little reckless. American Princes relies on a dual-guitar attack that allows for more intricacy and groove, putting the "rock" back in indie-rock.

Modern Temper - The Modern Temper is a band from Chicago and of Chicago. We are the racket of the “L” passing above and the quiet of late night cab rides home, bright summer skies and dark alley openings, glass skin on a metal frame. This is our city, and this is our music.

Pistols at Dawn - Four different elements combine to create a unique sound on the Chicago musical landscape. This sound combines the bounce and energy of Hamburg-era Beatles with the guts of true bluesy rock'n'roll. The guitars layer as fluently as the voices to provide a deep rich melody while the rhythm section chugs along to drive unstoppable, dance-oriented songs. Jim's pop sensibility flows effortlessly with Miles' centered blues focus. Julian's complex bass work borrows from a droning, yet melodic Velvet Underground sound. Timmy Mac treats his drums like an oil well. Pistols at Dawn has dedicated itself to continued evolution and an honest pure sound.

Special thanks goes out to Diana Sudyka and her pals at the Bird Machine for the awesome poster.

Radio One

Date of Show: 
Thursday, September 21, 2006
Chicago, Illinois

9PM on WLUW, 88.7 fm Chicago

Tune your radios to 88.7 around 9PM to hear us perform a shortened set of songs on Radio One Chicago. We also will be fielding a handful of questions that pretty much provide you with everything you always wanted to know about your favorite band, Nonagon.

The show should eventually be available online for download and, let me tell you, the recording quality is pretty darn good (unlike our Radio Shack™ quality recordings we give you on this site).

And here's the show for your listening pleasure:

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

If you really like it, you can download the entire file here.

Reversible Eye Gallery

Date of Show: 
Friday, April 21, 2006
Reversible Eye Gallery
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

Our second show at an art gallery! Look for Jay Ryan's great poster for the show at your local hipster hangout.

Halloween in Champaign

Date of Show: 
Saturday, October 29, 2005
Cowboy Monkey
Champaign, Illinois

A Halloween Costume and Candy Spectacular! LMNOP is the latest incarnation of (what was) The Idle Hours. Nonagon (also from Chicago) is ex-Jumpknuckle for you CU music history pupils. Water Between Continents is legendary local musicians Nick Rudd and Brian Reedy. 7 Triple Whip is... triple good.

Drinks and a Movie With Snaklab

Date of Show: 
Saturday, October 22, 2005
Hotti Biscotti
Chicago, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

Photos by Robert Gomez & Jim Kamp
Post-Mortem by John Hastie

Our free show at Hotti Biscotti in Logan Square was pure, loud, sweaty fun. Here’s the post-mortem...

We followed a somewhat somber screening of a weird and creepy costume-pic by Peter Greenaway called The Draughtsman’s Contract. Tony sat through the whole thing and says he liked it quite a bit... My distracted and intermittent viewing allowed me to catch only the surreal ending. Out of context, the strange dialogue, brutal murder, and walking statuary were just plain disorienting.

The show itself had a nice crowd (especially considering that it was at 3500 w. Fullerton on a White Sox World Series night). The 40 or so folks that flowed through the space made the small room feel full. Some stalwart friends of both bands came from WAY-outside of the neighborhood (Jay and Diana form up north, Brian from Skokie, Brendan from Valpo, Snaklab fans from all over), and Paul B. even rushed over straight from Comiskey after the White Sox win... I’ll try to remember these human kindnesses the next time a Republican press conference puts me in the mood for a rage-filled, corn-liquor fueled, indiscriminate maiming-spree.

The coin-toss determined that Snaklab go first, and they were rock. Despite some slight PA woes, a freshly-mohawked Jim,

Buco in cleanly pressed cover-alls, and an exceptionally-smiley Paul played a fun and energetic set that included some of my favorites: Upsessed, The Jimihop, etc. It was great to see them again. I’m grateful they agreed to play.

Here’s a set-list eyed view of our show (remember our motto: “all titles: working; all works: in progress”)

1) Fight Song - In order to establish momentum we dramatically started our set without warning, but all momentum was in danger of being squelched when I broke a string somewhere in the middle. We finished the song, but since I forgot to bring a back-up guitar I was faced with the task of replacing the string: something I don’t do quickly even in environments of low-stress.... This, however, lead to one of the best parts of the show:

2) The Impovised String-Changing Interlude - During which Jim Kamp jumped on stage and scream/sang stuff over fucked-up riffs from Robert and Tony. It was great! All the while, Jim’s experienced and cool-handed brother changed my string in record time... Kamps rule!

3) Peterson

4) Extended Eeyore

5) Creepy

6) Fake Baby Lucius

7) Wristbreaker

8) Notary And Minister

9) Fragile - A Tubeway Army cover—this time w/out the Theremin.

10) Elevensies

11) Nancy Raygun

12) Call and Response - We thought we were done here, but some masochistic folks seemed to want more (and it wasn’t 1am yet), so –even though we hadn’t practiced it in months- we played:

13) Uncomplicated - An Elvis Costello cover

There were plenty of little screw-ups, and everything was a little bit loose, but that just seemed to fit: It was great to play a simple small-room show with a basic PA and no fuss... I hope we can do this kind of thing more often. It felt a little like the days of house parties and Channing Murray (an old church you could book for DIY shows in Urbana). Pure, loud, sweaty fun.

The folks who stuck around seemed to have a good time and bought plenty of beer: enough that a) some of them danced, and b) Richard -the guy who now books stuff at Hotti Biscotti under the auspices of “The Nervous Center”- seemed up for doing this again in a-few-to-six months...

More photos and larger versions of these can be found at Robert's Flickr Site's Nonagon album. Robert also made the flyer for this show, check it out!