Nonagon Shows

Here you will find a nearly complete record of all of Nonagon's live performances. Many of the individual show reports have images, videos and commentary. If you want to browse through a more condensed version of this list, go to the quick overview page.

The Oasis

Date of Show: 
Saturday, August 1, 2015
The Oasis
Grayslake, Illinois

This was an interesting mixed-bag of an all-ages show. It opened punk, moved to alt-rock, shifted to grindcore then ended with a great hip-hop performance.

The Oasis Youth Center

The Oasis

Get with the program Grayslake and get your ears to The Oasis. Every weekend there's a show here!

Noxious Neighbors

Noxious Neighbors

Fett the Younger

Fett the Younger

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams

Pickwick Commons

Pickwick Commons

King Simi

King Simi

Protip for young bands: if you are invited to play a show, stick around and support the other artists. All of the early bands missed the excellent King Simi.

PRF Chicago 2015

There are too many bands to list, but we will be playing at around 9:55pm. Here's the details about the event.

IBW Brewery, "Fire! Fire! Fire!"

Date of Show: 
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
IBW Brewery
Chicago, Illinois

Our good friends at Illuminated Brew Works have invited us to play at their brewery. We will be opening for fire... literal fire... as in a bonfire.

Opening Act

Playing in front of a giant ROA mural and the Chicago skyline:

IBW Chicago Skyline

Let's take a closer look:

Playing in front of a mural

Look, Robert's kid actually came to the show:

Robert and Nova

Oh, there were also costumed mascot dancers:


Champaign w/ Terminus Victor, Darleen & Faster Forward

Date of Show: 
Saturday, May 16, 2015
Mike and Molly's
Champaign, Illinois
Other Bands on the Bill: 

Final night of the southeastward road trip. They tell us this might be an outdoor show (it wasn't)?

Here's the info from The Facebook:


industrial post-rock

mathy noise punk Chicago style

heavy melodic (feat members of That's No Moon)

We're happy to have FF joining us—this will be a reunion/farewell show for them. Make sure to come out early and catch their set and send them off right!

At this point in the tour I stopped taking pictures so there's not much to see here. Paul came down for the show and we went out for food afterwards. I ordered a horseshoe. It was not good. Sorry, Champaign, we love ya. but leave the fancy-gloop cooking to the masters in Springfield, Ill.

A horrible horseshoe

South Bend, Indiana w/ Many Bands...

Date of Show: 
Friday, May 15, 2015
McCormick's Coney Island
South Bend, Indiana

After an excursion to the Kalamazoo 10 Theater to catch the Mad Max: Fury Road Matinee, we headed down to South Bend. Oh look, another brew pub:

Brew Werks

It was prom night in South Bend. Unfortunately, none of the attendees strolled into McCormick's for the show. Probably due to a lack of EDM.


The evening opened with The Rutabega:

The Rutabega

Then us, Knife and Heavy Hand played. The evening ended in a whirlwind of reverb, sweat, and fire in the form of Daikaiju:


The following morning Garth fed us the greatest doughnuts we have ever eaten:

Rise 'n' Roll

Kalamazoo w/ Knife the Symphony & Brown Company

Date of Show: 
Thursday, May 14, 2015
Louie's Trophy House
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Other Bands on the Bill: 

We are off on another micro-tour of the Midwest. First stop: Kalamazoo!

People may live everywhere, but did you know they pretty much brew beer everywhere too? Had to pay homage to the Bell's Brewery before the show:

Bell's Two Hearted

Louie's Trophy House featured many trophies including this cow thing. I'm calling "fake" here. No way that ever existed:

Rat Snake and a Beaver

Tony looks so good in antlers we are just going to call him "Tler" from now on. If you see him say, "Hi!"

Oh hi, Antler.

Hey look, it's Knife the Symphony!

Knife the Symphony

And here is Brown Company...

Brown Company

After a little game of knifey-crotchy we all slept under the stars:

A sky full of stars!

Dubuque, Iowa w/ Tyranny Is Tyranny & Boxelder

Date of Show: 
Thursday, April 16, 2015
Dubuque, Iowa
Other Bands on the Bill: 

In which we began a weekend trek across the Upper Midwest. First stop Dubuque, Iowa:


We rode an elevator/train thing to the top of the bluff:

Ride the Elevator Thing

Eronel is a very cool space to play:


On the way out we did some hiking at The Mines of Spain:

Mines of Spain

This was a bit more nature than Robert is used to, but we all made it out okay. The same can't be said for Julien Dubuque:

Julien Dubuque: Tough Luck Dead Guy

Robert recorded a bunch of video of this leg of the tour. Check back in a couple of years once he has time to edit it all together and post it.