People Live Everywhere

Nonagon - People Live Everywhere

Recorded over 3 days in the Spring of 2011 by Justin Foley at Kerguelen Studio in Astoria, NY. Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Bob Weston. Jacket designed by Robert Gomez using photos by Nathan Keay. Packaged with a code for free MP3 download. Buy it directly from us at one of our shows or though Bandcamp!

Nonagon - People Live Everywhere - Back Cover

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Vikings (3:32)
  2. Fresnel Lens (3:12)

Side B

  1. The Swifts (3:08)
  2. Fadeout (2:13)
  3. Severe Presense (3:22)

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A Promotional Movie

This is a bit of parenting advice in the form of a television public service announcement that we created to promote the record. It's based on the old "Parents who use drugs have children who use drugs" PSA.