Singles and Comps

In addition to our LP and three EPs, we have released two split 7″ records and had some other miscellaneous recordings.

Knife the Symphony Split 7″

Controlled Burn Records and Phratry Records (Cincinnati, OH) teamed up for a Nonagon / Knife The Symphony split single. Limited to 300 copies.

Our side is a version of “Tuck the Long Tail Under” recorded by Matt Engstrom and Soren Pederson at Burn the Furniture in Chicago. Knife’s side is “Devils II.” It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Recording Studio in Cincinnati, OH

Protons and Electrons Atom 4

Conan Neutron created this insanely ambitious project to release a dozen or so split 7″ records with a bunch of his friends. Eventually he compiled them all into 2 CD set. “Saffir-Simpson” was recorded during the same weekend as the aforementioned “Tuck the Long Tail Under.”

You can buy the single and the full comp directly from Conan via Bandcamp.

Apologies to Polly Jean

This was a free giveaway at the 2013 summer PRF BBQ. We gave out a download card for our cover of P.J. Harvey’s “Dress” that was packaged as a 7″ record sleeve designed and printed by Chris Williams. It was a poster-single, or postingle. It never caught on like we thought it would.

Recorded during our Last Hydronaut session with Justin Foley at Kerguelen Studio.


In 2017 we contributed a rather sloppy version of “Swing Goat” to the anti-Trump compilation, UNPRESIDENTED: DIY vs. Donald Trump. Money from this probably went to some cause that Robert voted against.

In 2012 we were recorded live that the PRF BBQ and the recording ended up on Caffeinated IV.