We have a some videos on our YouTube channel. John really hates it when I post videos of us playing, so please do not click this link to posts tagged video. In the meantime, we have made a couple promotional videos over the years. Check them out.

They Birds Pre-Order Video

Prior the record’s release Tony decided to have his childhood friend Larry Fawecett-Majors record a few promos for us. Here’s the teaser:

And this is the full promo:

They Birds Record Release Show

The record came out during the very height of the pandemic so we were unable to have a proper record release show. Instead we played this short set in a friend’s “warehouse.” We wanted to project sports bloopers on the screen behind us but we are bad a Internet searching so settled with this fails vid that the kids seems to really enjoy.

People Live Everywhere Promo

We made this public service announcement warning the youth of today about the dangers of drums. The more you know.