You can't believe everything you read in the so-called "Lame Stream Media" these days. But when a news source has something to say about Nonagon it is always correct!

Nonagon Interviewed in Delusions of Adequacy

We were interviewed by the webzine Delusions of Adequacy a few months ago and it's finally up for you to read.

"Nonagon’s songs have a way of popping, no, better yet, of exploding out of stereo speakers, as if they were bottles of pressurized soda water just itching to be uncapped. On No Sun, their self-released and hand-assembled debut CD, angular guitars tear through the landscape, bass and drums lunge back and forth, and a barked refrain is never far away..."

Read the whole interview.

The Frequency
Madison, Wisconsin
Other Bands on the Bill I, Crime Butte

This was day #2 of our whirlwind tour of Wisconsin. A great show that featured a virtual drummer, via DVD, for Butte and guest vocal from I, Crime on one of our songs.