Nonagon 20th Anniversary poster by Chris Williams

20 Year Anniversary Show

June 29, 2024
The Burlington - Chicago, Illinois

We’ve actually been a band a little bit longer than twenty years, but this June will be the twentieth anniversary of our first show! This will also be Nonagon show #202. I was really hoping it would be exactly 200 shows on the 20th anniversary, but, alas, the math didn’t quite work out.

There is also a third mystery band on the bill who will be announced the week before. If you see any of us in person, we’ll gladly tell you who it is. They’ve just got an embargo on publicly advertising any Chicago shows because of a previous engagement.

We are also planning on a special Nonagon giveaway to all in attendance. You won’t want to miss this one!

P.S. We are appropriately being promoted on the AARP Web site as well:

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