Dubuque, Iowa w/ Tyranny Is Tyranny & Boxelder

- Eronel | Dubuque, Iowa

Other Bands on the Bill Tyranny Is Tyranny Boxelder

In which we began a weekend trek across the Upper Midwest. First stop Dubuque, Iowa:


We rode an elevator/train thing to the top of the bluff:

Ride the Elevator Thing

Eronel is a very cool space to play:


On the way out we did some hiking at The Mines of Spain:

Mines of Spain

This was a bit more nature than Robert is used to, but we all made it out okay. The same can't be said for Julien Dubuque:

Julien Dubuque: Tough Luck Dead Guy

Robert recorded a bunch of video of this leg of the tour. Check back in a couple of years once he has time to edit it all together and post it.