Township w/ Mastro & Phantom Works

April 6, 2012
Township - Chicago, Illinois

We’ve already bugged you once this week so we’re going to keep the calculus short and sweet:

1) You like rock music
2) You are willing to leave your house once and a while to experience it
3) We are playing with 2 AMAZING bands this FRIDAY

Add it up, chum!

Taking the stage first,


This will be their first show in Chicago and we are insanely excited to see them. They are comprised of 4 insanely talented rock-folk. Get in on the ground floor. Srsly.


Phantom Works

We’ve been fans of these guys for a long time now. Their new LP and previous 7”s are on high rotation here at Camp Nonagon. We were honored to be invited to play with them.


That’s us… Hi!

TOWNSHIP (previously known as “Pancho’s)
2200 N. California. Chicago.

doors 9… music sometime after that.

21+, 7 bucks or so.