Gamerafest Poster 2018


July 14, 2018
George's Tavern - Racine, Wisconsin

Gamera is a turtle kaiju that feeds on flames. His long career of fighting and destruction will be honored on Saturday, July 14th, by Body Futures, Heavy Hand, Bon Air, Lardo, Guerrilla Ghost, IFIHADAHIFI, Cheap Sleaze, Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends, and Nonagon. An offering of $5 will be acceptable at the gathering.*

4pm – Nonagon
5pm – Conan Neutron/Secret Friends
6pm – Cheap Sleaze
8pm – Guerrilla Ghost
9pm – Lardo
10pm – Bon Air
11pm – Heavy Hand
Midnight – Body Futures

* Gamera will not be in attendance.