Headlining at The Note

September 30, 2006
The Note - Chicago, Illinois

Holy cats! We headlined?!? Embedded at the bottom of this post is video of us performing “Call and Response.” Thanks Wika! (if there’s video on this site, chances are John hates it. Sorry John -Robert)

Here are the other bands on the bill and their bio blurbs:

American Princes – They like lyrics that reach and rhythms that kick and an overall sound that’s more than a little reckless. American Princes relies on a dual-guitar attack that allows for more intricacy and groove, putting the “rock” back in indie-rock.

Modern Temper – The Modern Temper is a band from Chicago and of Chicago. We are the racket of the ā€œLā€ passing above and the quiet of late night cab rides home, bright summer skies and dark alley openings, glass skin on a metal frame. This is our city, and this is our music.

Pistols at Dawn – Four different elements combine to create a unique sound on the Chicago musical landscape. This sound combines the bounce and energy of Hamburg-era Beatles with the guts of true bluesy rock’n’roll. The guitars layer as fluently as the voices to provide a deep rich melody while the rhythm section chugs along to drive unstoppable, dance-oriented songs. Jim’s pop sensibility flows effortlessly with Miles’ centered blues focus. Julian’s complex bass work borrows from a droning, yet melodic Velvet Underground sound. Timmy Mac treats his drums like an oil well. Pistols at Dawn has dedicated itself to continued evolution and an honest pure sound.

Special thanks goes out to Diana Sudyka and her pals at the Bird Machine for the awesome poster.