The Mutiny w/ The Howlers & Digibot

November 18, 2006
The Mutiny - Chicago, Illinois

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The Mutiny’s Store Front

The Mutiny is a dive and proud of it. They pay the bands in beer… huge pitcher-sized mugs of beer.


We were the opening band that evening. It was an extremely fun venue to play.


Digibot played improvisational three-chord punk. Chords were determined by spinning the Wheel of Chords. This weekend, up in cheese country, I saw that Digibot was listed as one of the 150 things “we love about Madison” in the local alternative weekly, The Isthmus.

The Dirty Howlers

Chicago-based garage rawk. They were pretty insane, as were their fans. The drop-ceiling took a few hits from the boots of the rabel-rousing crowd.

The Promotional Press Release:

We understand:
Your dot-com has crashed.
Your housing bubble has burst.
Your goons are still out collecting.
Your elderly, rich relative won’t just die already.

We, too, have spent long periods of time eating ramen noodles and loitering-for-fun, so we commiserate with your current situation:  You’ve been MEANING to see nonagon (the moniker representing the failed music careers of Tony Aimone, Robert Gomez, and John Hastie) but the $5-$8 covers have proven formidable.

We’ve got good news for folks in your exact predicament…


Here (for memorization before ingestion) are the details:

The Dirty Howlers (home-grown, beer-fueled rawk)
Digibot (improvisational punk rock from Madison)
Nonagon (three nerds from around here someplace)

also know: The Mutiny is regionally famous for serving single-serving beers in ridiculously large containers… Take the bus.