The Dirty Howlers Farewell Show

January 12, 2008
The Mutiny - Chicago, Illinois

We were first on a bill of four bands: The Trashingtons, The Dirty Howlers, and The Fuck Around Kids.

This was the CD release party/last show ever for The Dirty Howlers. In commemoration of said event we thought it would be fitting to do a garage rock cover. The song of choice was You Must Fight to Live on the Planet of the Apes by The Mummies. We opened the cover with a little talky-bit ala the Dirty Howler’s Don’t Tell Me, with a

simple bass line and drums while John told the story of how we decided to do some garage rock. Robert provided the intermittant “Baaaaaby” to clue the crowd in to what was going on.

Folks seemed to like the cover, although the rest of our set didn’t quite fit in with the surf-rockabilly-rock ‘n’ roll that followed. No matter. A fun time was had by all.