Township w/ The Party Downers, The Motel Beds & Today’s Man

January 25, 2013
Township - Chicago, Illinois

Township: 2200 N. California Ave, Chicago, IL – $5.00

The Party Downers

Four guys that ride skateboards, play music and exaggerate.

The Motel Beds

Put simply, Motel Beds is a rock band from Dayton, Ohio and that means certain things to certain people… Yes, they release albums faster than most bands book shows. Yes, the songs are catchy, guitar-driven and often shorter than three minutes. And finally yes, one of them has played with Robert Pollard.

Today’s Man

Today’s Man is/has (Please choose one or more of the following): A. A dynamic instrumental trio with a sprinkle of awesomeness. B. Great lateral quickness but size is a question. C. Three cocksmen who don’t play by the rules.”

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