Cactus Club, Milwaukee w/ Disguised as Birds, Fake Limbs & Body Futures

January 11, 2013
Cactus Club - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From the event page on Facebook:
Indeed! A night of baller-ass riff-heavy noisy rock, and the debut of a new weirdo Power-Pop Milwaukee/Madison hybrid! Body Futures are playing last not because they think they’re hot-ass shit, but because DJ has roller derby that night and will be getting to the show ASAfuckingP.


It’s Dixie from White Wrench Conservatory! Michael from the Five Mod Four! Chris from Everybody at Midnight! And DJ from IfIHadAHiFi! Playing power-pop for people who like to hump to weird time signatures!
No recordings yet. It’s a new band. Hell, we’ll be cramming to get the lyrics done in time for this shit.

Classic Chicagoland angular, frantic, sweaty post-punk. I have never seen this band be anything less than fucking awesome. Their drummer Tony once nailed DJ from Body Futures in the fucking face with a drumstick while he was rocking out on stage at Quenchers. This band will put your eye out at twenty paces while peeling your damn face off with MANIC ABRASION and the wildest noise-rock licks. Get into it.

Hey, have you ever thought, “man, the Jesus Lizard would have been way better if David Yow had pranced around in a pink half-shirt that said ‘GRIZZLY FEMME’ on it and rubbed up on my forehead with his balls on the reg?” More “loose and juicy” than “tight and shiny,” but plenty killer. DO NOT MISS. You’re fucking lucky this band is coming to town, Milwaukee. Baste in it.

If you live in Milwaukee and need this band explained to you at this point, you’re beyond hope. SHOW UP ON TIME, FOOLS. One of Milwaukee’s most underrated bands, even though all i ever hear people say about them is how awesome they are. TRUE STUFF.

Yeah, it’s a Friday, but you should still show up on time because this shit will start at 10 PM promptly. Don’t be a douche. DEATH TO PUNK ROCK TIME.

Cost? Eh, let’s say $7, that’ll probably be accurate.