Flyer by Robert Gomez

Louisville w/ Knife the Symphony & Bon Air

August 3, 2017
Monnik Beer Company - Louisville, Kentucky

We got an explosive night of Midwestern post punk/indie rock on Thursday August 3rd at Monnik. From Chicago we are pleased to have Nonagon and from Cinci we have Knife the Symphony. You may recognize those bands from the PRFBBQ Louisville festival. Local support from Bon Air band. Facebook Event.

Turns out this was one of the more bonkers shows we ever partook in. After one song by Knife, we got kicked out of Monnik for being too loud. Elliot did his best to scramble and get us to play somewhere and found a way for us to play on the floor after a heavy metal show at the Cure Lounge.

We ended up playing extremely late that night and, during the set, a wall fell on John.