This is kinda like our road trip tag. I guess this refers to road trips in which we played more than 1 show.

Farmshed Benefit Bash 2017

An all-day celebration of music to benefit Central Rivers Farmshed in Stevens Point. There will be bands from all over the geographic and stylistic map lending their support to raise funds. 

Murray w/ Knife the Symphony, Barely Blue & Bantha Tracks

Date of Show: 
Saturday, August 5, 2017
Terrapin Station
Murray, Kentucky

Doors 8, music at 9. $5-$10 suggested at the door. 

Check the rest of what we'll have going on in August below! The weekend of this show in particular is gonna be a three-day powerblast. 

Cincinnati's Knife the Symphony will be coming through Murray to play Terrapin next Saturday, Aug. 5th, and they're bringing Chicago's Nonagon with em! They're on the road in support of a new split 7" on Phratry Records recorded in part by Mike Montgomery (ampline/R. Ring). This will be a night for fans of Dischord, SST, Touch & Go and the like! We'll have Murray's fav tagteam of Barely Blue and Bantha Tracks in the mix, along with a few Secular Pets songs to end the night. 

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Louisville w/ Knife the Symphony & Bon Air

Date of Show: 
Thursday, August 3, 2017
Monnik Beer Company
Louisville, Kentucky
Other Bands on the Bill: 

We got an explosive night of Midwestern post punk/indie rock on Thursday August 3rd at Monnik. From Chicago we are pleased to have Nonagon and from Cinci we have Knife the Symphony. You may recognize those bands from the PRFBBQ Louisville festival. Local support from Bon Air band.

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Marquette, Mich. w/ The Rutabega, Victory & Associates & Two Holes of Man

Date of Show: 
Thursday, February 20, 2014
Northern Michigan University
Marquette, Michigan

Holy crap, this was an insane show on the shores of Lake Superior! We had lots of fun with all the bands and the crowd was great.


Marquette, MI

The took place in a typical conference room(s) in the University Student Center.

Food Trays

Usually bars will give band members two free beers, but in Northern Michigan you get cookies, veggies, dip and sodie-pop!

Tony and his drums

Tony setting up his drums. Drummers are lonely creatures.

Victory and Associates

Hey everybody, it's Vicotry & Associates!


Victory and Associate's midwest tour guitarist Ryan knows how to work the spandex. Let's hope he never crosses paths with Spandy Andy.

We also made the local news!

No-noggin indeed!

PRF BBQ: New York City

Date of Show: 
Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Three days of rapid-fire rock, food, art, poetry, and all sorts of fun stuff right here in beautiful NYC. A completely DIY, not-for-profit event with a hearty disdain for corporate sponsorship and a love for all things music and art, PRF.BBQ.NYC proudly welcomes bands and artists from across the globe (that's right, globe) happy to share their art with the people of New York City. ALL of the money collected at the door will be... used for the event itself and to help out the generous touring bands who have agreed to drive hundreds and fly thousands of miles purely to play their music for us lucky souls. And if anything's left over, I'm buying myself a hot dog." -John Houlihan

New York DesiresThis was our most ambitious out-of-town show yet and another in the ongoing series of shows put together by the members of the Electrical Audio forum (a.k.a. The P.R.F.). As a band, we've fantasized about being able to record with our friend Justin (of The Austerity Program) at his recording studio in Queens and thus fulfill one of our deepest New York desires. When the opportunity arose to play the NYC PRF BBQ we jumped on it. Well, I wouldn't quite say "jumped." John and Tony had to convince me that it would be okay if I left safety and comfort of my house (and Internet connection) for long weekend roadtrip.

John conveniently got to fly to New York for some work thing, so the drive over was just Tony and myself. The ride was fairly uneventful, but we did drive through this fake looking forest of glass on the way through the Pensylvania mountains.

Forest of Glass

Ice was covering all the trees for miles upon miles.

Forest of Glass

Well that's enough nature crap for now. Suffice to say we made it back to civilization and the next day we decided to take a crack at recording a few songs in the aforementioned studio. This is the mixing board. It has many knobs and sliders...

Mixing board

The recordings went very well, especially for what was a very limited amount of time... to have. Most of the credit for keeping the recording going smoothly goes to Justin...

Justin was our leader

We got through five songs in under three hours with only vocals left to do. Eventually we will finish these tracks up and release them in some form or another.

That evening was the first night of the PRF BBQ at a place in Brooklyn called Don Pedro's. There wasn't much barbequing, but there were plenty of bands. (My digital camera is literally 11 years old so it takes horrible pictures in low light. Only about 1 out of 4 shots is anywhere close to being good. This is why I have converted all these to black and white to hopefully get a little more detail and to increase my arty street cred).


One of the highlights of the night was Maple Stave...

Maple Stave

This is John Houlihan, who was pretty much the main organizational force behind the whole weekend...

John Houlihan

The next day it was our turn to play. We packed up and shared a trailer with The Austerity Program's wall-o-amps and headed back off to Brooklyn.

Trailer o' Sound

The venue was an art space called Secret Project Robot. This is what the outside of the building looked like:

Secret Project Robot

The inside of the space was laid out nicely and the stage had a weird little skateboard transistion in the front.

Inside Secret Project Robot

One of the most exciting and entertaining features of the event was the gigantic Twitter wall which would display any tweets that were tagged #PRFBBQNYC

Twitter Wall

After some werewolf poetry slamming, the first band to play was Blood Sucking Fiends. They had played a few bands before us at the Chicago BBQ too. Here they closed with a commemorative cover of Jay Z's "Empire State of Mind."

Blood Sucking Fiends

Meanwhile... Thad and Justin were out on the street busking some Austerity Program material. Tony had to do the obvious coin drop...

Tony gives some change to The Austerity Program

Many more bands played and I didn't get very many good photos. Here's a decent one of Blacks:


Sometime between the above photo and the following we played our set. It was one of our better performances, if I do say so myself, and we seemed to be fairly well received by the crowd (thanks everyone!). We were followed by Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Revue and then, the moment that Nonagon was waiting for, The Austerity Program.

The Austerity Program - Dr. Travis Bean's Mean Bean Machine


Shortly after I snapped the above photo I was informed by "the management" to stop taking photos. But I had a couple more in me. I had to get this photo of John doing some vocal work for band:

John Hastie fronts The Austerity Program for 15 seconds.

Most of us DIY rockers would like to say we are in it for the music. But that's a lie. It's all about the Jacksons...

John and Thad and Twenty Dollars

Day three got started and there was a bit more interest in the BBQ side of the PRF BBQ. Here, for example, was an aluminum guitar cake.

Travis Bean Cake

Before the music started, we decided to check out some local restaurant food and happened across this fantastic Vietnamese sandwich shop.

Banh Mi

The bands just kept on going and grill kept on grilling. One of the highlights of day three was Risk / Reward.

Risk / Reward

The curvy stage front provided a nice place to tone our thigh muscles and look like Joey Ramone.

Legs Diamond

Thanks to all who came out (especially Paul and Jason who were with us most of the time). More thanks to John Houlihan for the hard work in setting most of this up. Finally, a big thank you to Jill and Justin for the hospitality and giving us a place to stay for the (long) weekend (and let's not forget the recording session, thank you, thank you, thank you).

Crunchy Frog in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Date of Show: 
Saturday, January 30, 2010
Crunchy Frog
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Well, this was an interesting evening. We apologize  to the good people of Green Bay who braved the cold expecting an enjoyable night of pleasant music only to find us stuck in the mix. We were put on this bill at the last minute with the kind help of Jim, whose floor we ended up sleeping on later that night.

Crunchy Frog sign

Crunchy Frog was a night little bar on a strip in Green Bay filled with typical Wisconsin style taverns. From what we were told, this is perhaps the only bar in Green Bay where you can see live underground-type bands.

$10 all you can drink

This was amazing. $10 all-you-can drink specials on Friday nights. Needless to say, this is the key reason why Crunchy Frog does not do live entertainment on Fridays.

Inside Crunchy Frog

Here's Tony setting up his drums.

Ian Olvera Trio

The opening band was The Ian Olvera Trio (they may have changed their name… they definately weren't a trio that night). They played rock music and their set lasted over an hour. After which they proceeded to break down the drum kit on stage. I guess things move a little slower up north.

Paul is our number 1 fan

Paul made a surprise appearance. Thanks Paul! We played our set next (no pictures). Each song ended with complete silence in the room—barely even a smattering of courtesy applause. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

Blackwell Beauties from Madison

Next came Madison, Wisconsin's Blackwell Beauties. They were a self-described power-pop band. I liked that a few of their parents were in attendence. Nonagon is, if nothing else, a family values band!

After Blackwell Beauties Beach Patrol played. We loaded up the van and took off before the end of their set. I know, I know... not cool, but, we were pretty exhausted and needed to wake up very early if we were going to return the rental van without penalty. At least we got to see Jim's awesome vintage bicycle collection before retiring for the evening.

Sauce in Minneapolis, Minnesota w/ Self-Evident, Buildings and Shageki

Date of Show: 
Friday, January 29, 2010
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Other Bands on the Bill: 

A rare out-of-town show! The first stop on our tour of Minnesota and Wisconsin (a.k.a. Upstate Illinois) was a fun show featuring some great bands (Self-Evident, Buildings & Shageki) and lots of fun times. That evening we played at Sauce (3001 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis, Minnesota).


Here are a bunch of photos from the tour. I will be providing a running commentary of the action. John keeps a pretty detailed private journal of most of the shows we play (on his shelf next to his dream journal/unicorn sticker collection), and I will do my best to live up to his standards:

Inside the Van

Our journey started on a promising note when I got a pretty good deal on a spacious rental van. Unfortunately, I failed to read my Google directions closely and went with the no-unlimted miles plan. Big mistake. Who'd a thought Minneapolis is more than 200 miles away?

The drive to Minneapolis.

It's a long, long drive to Minnesota. There are lots of pretty hills and rock formations that only delay the realization that there are still two more hours of driving left.

Sauce gear room and Tony.

Tony waiting in the hallway where the bands keep their gear.

John in the gear room.

John also in the same location, only a little more to the right and a little more holding-a-phone-ish.

Robert in the gear room.

And finally, this is me in the very same room. Only, I am in a mirror and am balancing a camera on my crotch.

Inside of Sauce, Minneapolis, MN.

Here's the interior of the club. Sauce is a really nice venue to play in. There's a green room for the bands (which we didn't really utilize) and a very friendly staff.


Shageki open the show. They are a local duo featuring guitar, drums and park bench. Apparently, they have been Self-Evident fans since their teen years, and now, in their early twenties, they have formed their own band.

John from Nonagon

I attempted to snap a shot during "Squeal" but the digital camera's delay was too long. This was taken between songs. Despite some weird technical glitches, we manged to pull off a good show I think.

Buildings at Sauce.

Up next was Buildings. The show was pretty crowded at this point and I didn't get any clearer pictures than this. Anyhow, they put on a good set for the ever-growing crowd.

Conrad of Self-Evident

Self-Evident was headlining and they put on a great show as usual. Here's Conrad playing guitar.

Self-Evident, Ben.

This is Ben playing drums for Self-Evident.

Tom from Self-Evident

Finally, here's a blurry shot of Tom playing bass.

In-home urinal.

After waiting an epic amount of time for some sandwiches, we returned to Tom's house for the evening. Tom has a urinal in his downstairs basement. Oh, yeah.

Beer fridge.

He also has the ultimate beer fridge, tapper and all.


Like the sign says, it was a lifetime of memories. The memories continue in Green Bay...

Gig Poster by Roger Loontine

Poster by Roger Lootine