Venues Where We Have Played

This is an almost complete listing of all the venues in which we have played over the years.

Boneyard Pottery - Champaign, Illinois

Borelli's - Chicago, Illinois

  • Sunday, June 22, 2014 with Dead Rider, Electric Hawk, We Are Hex, Velocicopter, Burned or Buried, Redgrave, San Andreas Fault, Crown Larks, Electrical Collision Horse, Minutes, Bad Models, Dead Halos, RB, We Ride On, French Goodbye, SEMINARS, Burn Permits, Songs of the Pawners' Society

Cactus Club - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Caffeinated Recordings - Chicago, Illinois

Cal's Liquors - Chicago, Illinois

Cause - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chicago Public Library, Richard J. Daley Branch - Chicago, Illinois

Circle A - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Club Garibaldi - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Sunday, June 11, 2017 with Motherfucker, Stomatopod, Gay Name, The Rutabega, The Glacial Speed, Andy Cohen and Light Coma, Bon Air, Rented Rooms, Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends, Donoma, Sin Bad, Static Eyes, Kate Moths

Club Garibaldi's - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Club Nomad - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cole's - Chicago, Illinois

Cowboy Monkey - Champaign, Illinois

Crunchy Frog - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Cure Lounge - Louisville, Kentucky

Dave's House - Libertyville, Illinois

Don Pedro Bar Lounge - New York City, New York

Double Door - Chicago, Illinois

Emporium Arcade Bar - Chicago, Illinois

Eronel - Dubuque, Iowa

Evelyn's Club - Racine, Wisconsin

  • Saturday, January 30, 2016 with Pink Trilliums, Donoma, Body Futures, Korean Jeans, Gauss, Noises, Heavy Hand, The Rutabega, Hey Muchacho, Burn Permits, Ravi/Lola, The Cellphones, Ifihadahifi
  • Saturday, May 4, 2013 with Like Like The The The Death, Body Futures

Evelyn's Club Main - Racine, Wisconsin

Frank's Power Plant - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Garden of Miracles - Chicago, Illinois

Hangar 9 - Carbondale, Illinois

Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern - Cleveland, Ohio

Helium - Chicago, Illinois

  • Saturday, June 30, 2012 with Walking Shadow, United Sons of Toil, Royal Pines, Mayor for Life, The Paver, Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Revue, Washerwoman, The Cell Phones, Trophy Wives, We’ll Go Machete, Thunderbolt Pagoda, Dis-, Tar, Fake Limbs

Hell's Kitchen - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hotti Biscotti - Chicago, Illinois

IBW Brewery - Chicago, Illinois

Leo's - Oakland, California

  • Saturday, May 3, 2014 with Roland, Cinder Cone, ALTO!, Practice Wife, Generalissimo, The Gary, Hurry Up Shotgun, Kowloon Walled City

Livewire Lounge - Chicago, Illinois

Louie's Back Room - Kalamazoo, Michigan

Louie's Trophy House - Kalamazoo, Michigan

Low Key Arts - Hot Springs, Arkansas

  • Friday, March 15, 2013 with Architects, Nat Rufus, Talk Normal, Nervous Curtains, Sound of the Mountain, Pagiins

McCormick's Coney Island - South Bend, Indiana

Mickey's Tavern - Madison, Wisconsin

Mike and Molly's - Champaign, Illinois

Milwaukee Ave. Arts Festival South Stage - Chicago, Illinois

Monnik Beer Company - Louisville, Kentucky

Nightlight Bar & Club - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Northern Michigan University - Marquette, Michigan

Northside Yacht Club - Cincinnati, Ohio

Pancho's - Chicago, Illinois

Phyllis' Musical Inn - Chicago, Illinois

Pretty Lake Camp - Mattawan, Michigan

Quenchers Saloon - Chicago, Illinois

Red Olive Lounge - Kenosha, Wisconsin

Reggie's - Chicago, Illinois

Renee's Red Rooster - Stevens Point, Wisconsin

  • Saturday, September 23, 2017 with Bell & Circuit, Elk Startled By Thunder, The Columbines, Reggies Revenge, Among Them In Trenches, Knife the Symphony, Cindy Set My Hair On Fire, The Smells, Bag-Dad, Twelves, Fox Face, Mr. Martin & the Sensitive Guys, DJ FlannelJammies

Reptile Palace - Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Reversible Eye Gallery - Chicago, Illinois

Ronny's - Chicago, Illinois

Saki - Chicago, Illinois

Sauce - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Secret Project Robot - Brooklyn, New York

  • Saturday, March 26, 2011 with Trophy Wives, Grant National, The Austerity Program, Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Revue, Joesepi, Blacks, Methodist, Six Acre Lake, Blood Sucking Fiends

Shakespeare's Lower Level - Kalamazoo, Michigan

Steinhaus Market - Marquette, Michigan

Subterranean - Chicago, Illinois

Swing State - Lake Villa, Illinois

T.H.Ink - Chicago, Illinois

  • Saturday, June 12, 2010 with Blood Sucking Fiends, Death Dream, Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Revue, Trophy Wives, United Sons of Toil, The Conformists, Waxeater, Post Honeymoon, Cartographer, Police Teeth, Bottomless Pit

Terrace Bay Inn - Gladstone, Michigan

  • Saturday, February 20, 2016 with The Glacial Speed, Burn Permits, Math Patrol, Korean Jeans, Haunted Heads, Begin by Gathering Supplies, Dead Friends, Bone and Bell, Out
  • Saturday, February 21, 2015 with Terminal Orchestra, Reverb Bomb, Burn Permits, Che Guevara T-Shirt, MegaMaul, Jap Herron, New China, The Rutabega, Low, Gay Name
  • Friday, February 21, 2014 with Fake Limbs, The Paver, The Chanteymen, Kate Rev
  • Friday, February 15, 2013 with The Rutabega, Transmontane, Sinking Suns, Body Futures, Victory and Associates, Glitter of Cohoes, Fake Limbs, The Columbines

Terrapin Station - Murray, Kentucky

The Beat Kitchen - Chicago, Illinois

The Borg Ward - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Bottom Lounge - Chicago, Illinois

The Burlington - Chicago, Illinois

The Caledonia Lounge - Athens, Georgia

The Comet - Cincinatti, Ohio

The Comet - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Darkroom - Chicago, Illinois

The Davenport - Cleveland, Ohio

The Dragonfly Lounge - Madison, Wisconsin

The Empty Bottle - Chicago, Illinois

The Frequency - Madison, Wisconsin

The Green Lantern - Lexington, Kentucky

The Hideout - Chicago, Illinois

The High Dive - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Iron Post - Urbana, Illinois

The Mutiny - Chicago, Illinois

The Note - Chicago, Illinois

The Oasis - Grayslake, Illinois

The PRF Fanta Sea Compound at Borelli's East - Chicago, Illinois

  • Sunday, June 21, 2015 with The Watery Percentages, Accordion Crimes, Coordinated Suicides, Knife the Symphony, Tyranny Is Tyranny, Royal Pines, These Estates, Mouth Captain, Andy Cohen & Light Coma, Fowlmouth, The Holy Motors, Begin By Gathering Supplies, Rick from Pile, Trophy Wives, IfIHadaHiFi, New China, Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends, Hungry Man, Bone & Bell

Tony's Basement - Chicago, Illinois

Township - Chicago, Illinois

UFO Factory - Detroit, Michigan

WLUW - Chicago, Illinois